Post 4 -Week 6- Creative Commons Citations and Public Library Lending Ethics

Part One:

The Public Lending Right Program is run by the Canada Council for the Arts and the program provides money to Canadian authors, like a royalty, when their books get borrowed from the public library system. The first program of this type was started in Denmark, and Canada started theirs in 1986, beginning because two authors of Canadian literature studies reported that there is no “truly national literature” in French or English. All of this information can be found in the website provided in the link above.

In the article Toronto Public Library sadly embraces ‘culture of free‘ (By: Noah Richler Published on Sat Dec 20 2014) Richler brings to light some important problems with a Public library that purchases books cheaply secondhand from its patrons. The largest problem is the fact that by buying these books off of patrons, the author is cut out of making royalties off of the sale of their books to the library. The policy didn’t last long, as our teacher pointed out in class, the library soon revoked the rule and now accept donations, but do not pay patrons for their materials that they have brought in (click here to view the TPL’s acquisitions policy). In my opinion, I can see both sides to this story but in the end I think that I agree with Richler but I also think it is okay for libraries to accept donations but not to pay patrons for their materials. It is important that the library is not ONLY accepting new materials through patrons and that they are still supporting authors but it is important to keep in mind that most libraries, especially public libraries, are running on a tight budget and need to take advantage of donations when they can to support the demand of the public. Therefore, I think that accepting donations is okay but paying patrons for their materials is not.

Part two:

Image. by Moyen Brenn. CC by 2.0.



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