LTIS 4304- Week 2- Open Access

Open access, from what I gathered from the video provided, is taking that fee out of being able to read an article that is interesting to you. Being able to access knowledge without cost because everyone should be able to access the knowledge they wish to acquire without having to pay through the nose.

This would impact an academic library greatly and positively; students and teachers wishing to share and learn would be able to access any articles they wish to read without worrying about whether they will have to pay to read or use the information. It would help the library of the institution because they wouldn’t have to subscribe to these ridiculously priced journals that the video discusses and could reallocate those funds somewhere where they might be more useful.

The problem brought to our attention near the end of the video is that people want to be accepting to openness in this scientific and research-based setting but they are also looking for reputable articles and therefore always turn to the reputable journals (the ones that are charging the most money). Therefore, the journals aren’t being pressured to charge less for their services or being pressured to give open access to the articles that they have collected.

I believe that openness and access to knowledge is important. As someone who considers myself a lifelong learner, it is important to me to be able to access information on a topic that I am interested in at the moment. Maybe journals do not wish to give up their hold on granting access to information just yet, but maybe they would be willing to charge less for articles. But eventually, I agree with the gentlemen in the video, I believe that open access will be the way and those of us who aren’t willing to accept that will be left behind.


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