LTCS 2302- week 1- Finding Public Relations

Find Public Relations (PR)  examples used by libraries.  Choose one example and use the OMER format to explain why you think it’s an example of PR for the library.  Cite what you read in the article by Cavill as evidence that your sample is an example of PR.  Provide a link to the example that you found.

Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 10.30.27 AM.png

Opinion- This is an example of Public Relations done by the North Kawartha Public Library in Apsley, Ontario.

Main Reason- The reason I think this is because it is “getting [their] message out” (Cavill 90), it is letting the community, as well as anyone else who wishes to visit the website, what they do and who they are (Cavill 90).

Example- For example, on the library’s “About Us” page, it explains where the library can be found, what services they have to offer as well as hours of operation and the history behind the library in the area.

Restate Opinion- Using Cavill’s definition of what Public Relations is, I believe that the website for the North Kawartha Library in Apsley is a type of Public Relations.

Cavill, Patricia M. “Advocacy: How Does It Differ From Public Relations and Marketing?” Feliciter 2 (2001): 90-93. Web.


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