FWKL 1301- week 12- Placement Blog 4

The technical Services area at my placement is a room on the first floor that has a back door as well as the outside drop off box attached to it. The Technical Services are delivered in-house as well as out-sourced, depending on what the item is and what vendor it has been order from. For example, books coming from Whitehot get full processing including the Cobourg Public Library stamps and spine labels; if the books are ordered from another vendor they come with varying different levels of processing with Amazon at the end, not processing anything at all. Most of the electronic items such as CDs, DVDs and audio books are processed in-house. This is similar to what was discussed in class: differing levels of processing for each different library. It all depends on budget as well as the staff available at the library to do the work. The Cobourg Public Library has co-op students that come in and put spine labels and process CDs and DVDs for the technical services department but the ladies who work there do a lot of this work too.

My job shadow supervisor is apart of OLA (Ontario Library Association) and she keeps her membership so that  she can attend the annual conference. The conference is held in Toronto and the OLA membership covers your entry and she personally has to pay for her membership. She also uses her membership to take courses online through the Learn HQ website.

I loved my job shadow placement and I can’t express enough how grateful and thankful I am to have gotten some hands on work in a Library to find out what I like and what I don’t. It is really important for us as students to learn where we would like to work in the future so that we can tailor our gen-ed courses as well as our volunteer hours and placement hours to what we eventually would like to do in the future.


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