FWKL 1301- week 12- Placement Blog 3

Client services

The operation of my placement isn’t as strict as a placement at a legal library or another more structured library would be. I was asked to do some tasks but only if I was comfortable, I could have just shadowed and watched all day if that was all I was comfortable with. This may have slowed some client services down because the women I were shadowing would take a second while they were doing things to explain to me what they were doing. The clients were aware that I was a student though, and were usually okay with the ladies slowing down and showing me what they were doing.

The Client Services available at the Cobourg Public Library would include the Reference and Circulation desks and I shadowed on both of these. At the Reference desk, the ladies that work here help with the use of the computers, printers, photocopiers as well as the Local History room and other random tasks such as finding materials. At the Circulation desk, the ladies that work here help patrons find books, direct them where to find the library’s different resources, checking in and out material, they receive the donations, take care of notifying patrons with late fees as well as many other behind the scenes activities that I didn’t get to watch them preform. Client Services would also include programming and the Children’s desk workers; the Children’s desk workers are part time and some of them are students and they basically do everything the Circulation desk does except checking in and out books but only for the Children’s section.



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