FKWL 1301- week 11- Placement Blog 2

You have to have your LIT to work at the Reference Desk as well as the Technical Services, the Management jobs are held by people with the Masters Program or LIT with ample amounts of experience. This aligns with what has been stated in class; you won’t be looked at seriously for the position unless you have these programs and degrees under your belt. My supervisor, the Manager of Public Service, has her Masters, she says that the person hiring her said: they look for the person with their Masters, but if they had an internal LIT with the skill set and extensive experience, might be considered for the job. Her job entails: she orders the print collections for the adult section, she is responsible of the cleaning and collection development, she over sees the reference staff, she is also the branch manager, she technically also oversees the children section, and she is in charge of the adult programs, planning and executing.

The positions that require and LIT my supervisor expects a high-level fluency in written and verbal communication; informational interviews need to be able to be conducted over email and phone. There is a lot of helping people with running different databases and programs on their computers as well as the computers at the library as well as in these informational interviews. The bare minimum would be fluency in social media and basic Office programs, the rest you need to be comfortable learning within the first month. Being comfortable learning about the programs and databases used in that particular library is important to my supervisor because if you do not know how to use it because you’ve never encountered it is one thing but if you aren’t willing to learn then you cannot complete the job



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