LTCS 1301- week 11- Group Assignment Reflection

1. Our group worked well because we all were enthusiastic about getting our parts done on time. We all pulled our own weight and therefore no one person in the group was ever doing the majority of the work.
2. Yes, having class time to work on the project really helped to make it successful. This is because we are all from different towns and have own our schedules with jobs and school so having class time to organize meeting times as well as get some of the group work done was helpful. Furthermore, by organizing our group during class, we could all go home and do our individual parts on our own time which made it easier.
 3. This group project for sure assisted in giving us time to practice working in a team to achieve a goal because that is exactly what a group project is. We were fortunate in having a group with all members willing to put in the same amount of work to achieve a successful grade. I have worked on projects before or have witnessed group projects be unsuccessful because members aren’t willing to put in an equal effort and then the whole group looks bad. Something that made this project a challenge, and what it was meant to teach us is, everyone has their different strengths and the group should play to those strengths to get the best result. Working as a team or a group means identifying what the members are good at and dividing the work accordingly. I think that is how you achieve your goal to the best of the group’s ability.
4. I think doing group work is very important because of the interaction that is involved. If one does not know how to successfully interact with all different types of people, a social job such as the different options that are available to us (working with the public and fellow workers) will be difficult. Introverted people are drawn to a program such as this and therefore it is very important to do a lot of group work to teach them to come out of their shells and be confident in their speech and in their ability to interact with all different sorts of people.

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