FWKL 1301- week 11- Placement Blog 1

My first day at placement went quickly because I did so much. In the morning when I arrived I was greeted by my job shadow supervisor at the Cobourg Public Library and we started by going through safety procedures of the building. She had me look at the fire escape plan as well as the lock-down plan binder before giving me a tour of the library which included showing me all the departments of the library as well as the fire exits, fire extinguishers, incident report papers and first aid kits.

This didn’t take too long so soon I was thrown right into my shadow starting at the reference desk on the upper floor where I observed the part-time worker there until my lunch. I watched her help people with printing, the computers, using the small archive, the photocopier and other smaller tasks. I even got to help a women use the library’s version of ancestry.com; I had never used the program before but neither had the woman so it was fun to figure out how to navigate it together.

There are certain goals for the different departments in the library, for example, in the Children’s Department they have goals surrounding the different programs they provide. The young women that put on the different programs have goals about how many children they want to have attending their programs. They change up their programs regularly to keep the children interested; while I had my placement, every Friday they were putting on a craft and snack program but next month they are thinking about changing the program to be more of a drama club or a family board game activity. Keeping the program fresh keeps their patrons interested and hopefully gets more children and families interested in attending.



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