LTIL 1300- week 10- Reflection

I learnt a lot this week about Museums and Archives from all the different materials that we were given to study. Specifically I learnt that Archives aren’t just places for old city documents to be dumped for someone to organize and keep and then get rid of when it’s time. A lot of the time companies or organizations have archives as well to keep their documents for historical record or legal reasons. They are also used by the city to keep historical artifacts not just documents. I did not believe that the city would have old diaries of people who have passed (which the Oshawa Community Museum and Archives does have) as well as letters and love notes.

About Records Management I learnt the process in which the records are retained, kept, and thrown away. I learnt that every different document has a different retention period; there isn’t just a standard time for which a document is kept, some are kept for one year, some for five or ten. It makes sense that most large companies and organizations have Records Management because of all the documentation they have to do of everything that goes on behind their walls. This brought Records Management to the forefront for job positions for a lot of my fellow LIT students I think.

This knowledge will help with my career because by learning about all these different types of LIT positions that aren’t called “LIT position”, it opens up doors that myself and my fellow classmates did not even know existed. By learning about all these different jobs, we can begin to think about where we would like to end up working and in what type of position so that when we want to go find placements for next year, we know what to look for. It will also help with the job hunt when we graduate to know that there are more than just Library positions for us to choose from, but also Records Management, Museums, Archives, Special Libraries etc.


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