LTIL 1300- week 8- St Luke the Evangelist Catholic School library

First of all, Ms. Mistele has created a multi-use space in her library, which is very important, that includes a virtual space. In a world that is changing so much with technology, the Together for Learning document states that these new learning spaces they call Learning Commons need to be open to change and new technology. Ms Mistele has lots of examples of her library that open up to the virtual world for the students including iPads, computers and wifi.

Another vision for the Learning Commons as a space is to connect the library with the classroom which Ms. Mistele has done by bringing the classroom to the library. By teaching in the library her second and third grade classes, she brings the classroom into the library and really creates the learning environment in the space. She also does this by providing a space to learn about researching skills and reading skills and how to improve them. She has step by step research posters and has books that will both challenge the students’ reading level as well as being interesting.

The Learning Commons is a place for experimentation, exploration and creativity and from what I encountered around the space, Ms. Mistele has incorporated this in her library as well. She has arts and crafts supplies around her library and different crafts displayed that the students have made: posters about religion and virtues. Giving the students opportunity to get creative creates a great environment for learning and growing.

I had a great time at St. Luke’s and I can’t wait for our next field trip!


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