LTCS 1301- week 8- Readers’ Theatre

I think the Readers’ Theatre Activity was amazing but when I was a kid I would have been stressed about it. I was not one that wanted to read in front of the class but there were jobs for people like that in this activity and that would have made me more comfortable. I think the book choice is very important with an activity like this; you need a book with enough characters to get the whole class involved of course and you need a book with some action or some sort of excitement to push the students to use their voices.

I think that it went really well in class, I don’t think there was anything that didn’t go well. There are some challenges that would arise in classes or libraries, though, when students don’t want to participate or they are too nervous to read aloud. But that’s where the book choice is important because you have t have a variety of different jobs for a variety of different reading levels and comfort levels.

I don’t think I would modify this at all, I think the activity went really well. I could see the children maybe not wanting to choose a character for themselves so maybe I would delegate jobs a little more, giving the stronger readers and more outgoing kids the larger parts and the shier children the smaller ones. So more direction might be needed when you are working with younger students but other than that, the activity went well and I believe I’d do it pretty much the exact same.


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