LTCS 1301- week 7- Speed-dating/ Booktalking

I really enjoyed the speed-booktalking event that we participated in in class yesterday and I would for sure participate in something similar at a local library. I think that it would have worked perfectly and smoothly if more of my classmates were paying attention to the time limit as well as the movement of the activity but it went well overall. The only thing that I would change would be (not the inside/ outside circles, I think this is a good tool) the time we had to share our books and talk about them. I think another two minutes, so two minutes per speaker, would have been helpful because I felt rushed to talk about my book and my written booktalk was less than 200 words. You need time to share and comment on the other person’s description or ask questions.

I think that the content of my booktalk was good but if I had practiced it a little more at home it would have been better delivered right out of the gate.  I think that Erin and Shelby delivered very memorable and exciting booktalks because their description gave just enough plot to get me interested but didn’t give away the ending. I think that practice would have made perfect in this situation; if I were going to put on a proper booktalk I would for sure reread my material as well as practice my speech so that I could present it without looking at my notes. I think this makes the experience more sincere, when the speaker isn’t staring at their notes.

Booktalks are cool and I can’t wait to do more!


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