FWKL 1301- week 7- ST/AR video

I think that my interview skills need some work but I don’t think I am an awful speaker or an awful interviewee. I think that practice in an interview-setting will improve my skills but it is hard to create a fake interview with a friend or family member because it just seems so absurd while you’re ‘acting’. I think that the ST/AR answer format was common-sense to me and putting labels on it makes me panic. But the idea of it to think about briefly before hand to make sure you make sure you answer the question in the interview properly is smart.

I think that going into an interview with a few stories under my belt that can answer a variety of different questions would be useful and smart. Because I do not have extensive work experience, I rely heavily on my extracurricular experience to carry my interview and resume. Thinking about my interview beforehand and coming up with different situations to explain why I am a good candidate for a job is what I have learnt from this activity, it is important to PREPARE for an interview and show what makes you better than the next person for the job. I think that this technique will be in the back of my mind but, like I said above, it makes me panic to give an explanatory story so many different labels and sections and jobs makes me panic a little.


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