FWKL 1301- week 6- Am I Prepared for my Placement?

Because my placement this time around is only a job shadow rather than a placement where I am expected to have the necessary skills to complete tasks without help or supervision I believe I am most definitely prepared. The skills and knowledge I have already learnt in class about different parts of a Library Technician’s job that I had no idea about six weeks ago is astonishing. A simple example is I didn’t know there was more than one classification system in a library, I thought the Dewey Decimal System was the only one that was used but now I have learnt about the Library of Congress Classification system; not only have I learnt what they are, I can now create Cutter numbers as well as tell someone what all the different classifications from 000-999 in Dewey.
Having this knowledge in empowering and not going into our job shadows blind gives me confidence for what is to come over the next two months. I believe our teachers have amply prepared us for this and I hope that my classmates feel the same and if they don’t, I hope they will still be successful because if they attended class they have the tools to succeed. I cannot wait to get out into the field and see what it is really like behind the desk because I think this is where I am going to excel in this program.


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