LTIL 1300- week 3- Citation Practice and Article Summary

MLA citation:

Gilbert, Julie, and Barbara Fister. “The Perceived Impact of E-books on Student Reading Practices: A Local Study.” College & Research Libraries 76.4 (May 2015): 469-89. Web. 21 Sept. 2015.

This article speaks about e-books and print books, comparing them for both non-fiction and fiction to see which is the most popular media for each and why. The writers discuss how e-books have not over-stepped print books in popularity but they are becoming wide-spread. Most readers have expressed their interest in e-books but Library and Information Scientists are trying to discover where the new technology of e-books leaves print: will it be research that will be done in e-books, pleasure reading online and research in print, will print be left in the dust while e-books explode in popularity.

The second article I read on Open-Shelf about how libraries can and do contribute to the well-being of a community and/ or country:

MLA citation:

Pateman, John. “Public Libraries and Well-being | Open Shelf.” Open Shelf. 15 Sept. 2015. Web. 22 Sept. 2015.

I find this article important because libraries today are seen stereotypically as a dying public service when really they should be blooming. Libraries have so much to offer even if you do not enjoy reading; if you enjoy movies, they have movies, if one enjoy clubs, groups and classes, they have all of those as well. Community members should take advantage and getting involved in any part of the library because it will improve one’s well-being. To conclude, this article is very relevant because it speaks to how countries with a high population of library card holders, have the highest well-being rating. Therefore, libraries are important and should used whether one reads or not because they will increase their well-being in life.


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