LTIS 2301- week 3- Readers’ Advisory and Novelist

Novelist is an online tool that up until today I did not even know existed so this is pretty interesting. The most amazing part of the website, I believe, is how specific your search can become with the advanced search tools: Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 12.24.06 PM

I did not believe it possible to search for specific cultural identities as well as nationalities in an author on a database; there is so many ways to make your search specific without typing in a title or an author. That’s extraordinary!

I read “Crowdsourcing RA: with algorithms crunching numbers behind the scenes, sites like LibraryThing, Shelfari, and Goodreads are helping librarians with readers’ advisory.” by David Rapp and decided to check out I set up my own account and began playing around with the settings and found it very informative and accurate (so far anyways). When setting up your account, you get to choose which different genres you read the most of and I thought that was spectacular.

I think this tool would be very useful for helping to answer RA questions because if you can find out one book the reader read and enjoyed, you can look up that specific book and find others like it to suggest. It also provides a synopsis of the book, which is useful, and a picture of the cover for those who read based on the look of the book. I believe that this may assist in getting the reader as well as the Library Technician to think about the whole collection because it suggests books sometimes that the reader may not have heard of (and I bet it surprises the average Library Technician sometimes as well). By giving these new ideas to the reader and the Technician, it opens the window into the whole collection rather than only to the books both the reader and the Technician know are there. How awesome is that?


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