FWKL 1301- week2- My First Informational Interview

My first informational interview was a “friend of a friend” situation most definitely. My best friend’s mother-in-law works at a public library and so I decided to use this connection for my interview after a very long and sordid search for someone to be my interviewee. I did do the call over the phone and I asked the following questions:
1.What do you like about your specific job that makes it different from other library and information science careers?

2. What are the qualifications for entry-level jobs at your library?

3. Who do you recommend I contact for more information about your field?

My questions did get answered and I think that they got answered more fully because after I asked my opening question and the conversation got started, I continued to be curious (as instructed in class) and asked more questions on the subjects that arose in my mind when my interviewee answered. For example, when my interviewee began speaking about what she liked about her specific job in the library, she said it was all the different services her library was able to offer because of it’s size. I kept asking more questions on the subject such as: “what are some examples of the different services provided?” and “what is your favourite service to provide to the public and why?”.

I think something positive that went well with my interview was that I stayed curious throughout the entire conversation and because of my apt curiosity, my interviewee seemed eager to share their experience. On the other hand, something negative that I can say is that it was hard to get a hold of someone who wasn’t too busy to speak with me on the phone and/or return an email. I tried several different people via email because I was shy about making a cold call before I contacted my friend and asked for her mother-in-law’s number desperately. Maybe next time I will try to become more courageous and make a phone call or go into a workplace to conduct my informational interview.

Something that surprised me about attempting to conduct my interview was the amount of emails I sent that went unanswered; something I learnt, though, is that there are so many different jobs within the library system that the average person has no idea about. Usually one would think that there is the librarian and maybe a couple other people just helping to check out books and stock shelves but there is so much more to it and I can’t wait to learn even more about the system that keeps it all working!


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