LTIS 2301- week 2- “Oranges and Peaches” skit

Brittany walked into the library at her school without a clue about where to start researching for her Ancient History paper; it was supposed to be about a Greek philosopher she had already forgotten the name of. She was distressed, she was nervous and she was most definitely panicking about getting the paper done on time for her stickler of a professor. Before she had time to think about how stressful it was going to be finding the right books, she saw just what she needed: a desk right in front of her with a warmly smiling young lady seated behind it.

“Hi there, I’m Mary, what can I help you find today?” the lady said, taking her hands from her keyboard, folding them neatly on the desktop and giving Brittany her full attention when she saw her walking towards her desk.

“Umm… I have a history paper and I need to find some information for it. It’s supposed to be about a philosopher but I forget his name.” Brittany sat down in front of Mary, sinking low into the chair under the weight of her backpack and her worries.

“Well maybe we can narrow down our search if you could answer a couple questions.” Mary looked happy to help Brittany, leaning forward to engage in the conversation and maintaining eye contact. This gave Brittany the confidence to help answer the next few questions. “Do you remember where the philosopher is from? Or even what time period he belonged to? Any little information will help narrow our search for the proper person.”

“He was Greek, and a long time ago.” Brittany replied, and Mary nodded.

“So he was Greek, do you remember if he was a modern philosopher or an ancient philosopher?”

“Ancient, it’s for my Ancient Greek Philosophy class; but I forget his name. I think it started with an A…” Brittany looked strained in trying to remember but Mary continued to question her encouragingly.

“Was it Aristotle? He’s a popular philosopher from Ancient Greece.”

“No… I know him. Something else that isn’t as popular. I wanted to research something I didn’t know much about but it seems like that was a bad idea because I can’t even remember the guy’s name.” Brittany looked discouraged.

“What about Anaxagoras? He isn’t as popular but he is ancient as well as Greek.”

Brittany’s face lit up, “that’s it! Now I remember, awesome, thank you!”

“My pleasure, Brittany. I will point you in the right direction with a quick search in our catalogues and come around later to see if you need anymore help.”

“Sounds great!” And with that, Brittany sat up triumphantly in her chair and felt much more comfortable and confident in search for sources on a philosopher only moments before she could not even remember the name of. All thanks to Mary!


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